Goodbye Houston!

Today was our last day in Houston. This morning my roommate and myself woke up early so we could come downstairs to eat breakfast, which was really good. We had a crepe’d muffin with the choice of blueberry compote filling, that Mr. Scharfenberg made, or a poached egg on top that our host Tracy had made for us.

We sat in the kitchen for a while talking about our trip and things we accomplished and contributed in each house. Then we packed the car with our belongings and left for the airport, but not without saying our goodbyes and thank you’s to our generous hosts.

We made our way to the terminal where we all separated to buy souvenirs. Our flight from Houston to Atlanta departed at 11:20 am central time and landed around 2:00 pm east coast time, which is 1:00 central time. When we arrived to the Atlanta airport and after grabbing lunch, we spent time writing reflectiond on our service trip, reflecting on how Houston impacted us emotionally and mentally. Later that afternoon, we took off for Dulles. When we arrived the group headed to baggage claim — some of us met our parents at the baggage claim doors while others headed back to campus.

— Ella B. ’19


From Dinosaurs to Oil Rigs to Andy Warhol

We ended our last day in Houston by visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Menil Gallery, and Houston Center for Photography. In the HMNS, we visited many different exhibits, such as the dinosaur exhibit and Egypt exhibit. After that we headed outside. To enjoy to the wonderful weather, we were having for a picnic style lunch provided by Tracy!

Next, we headed to the Japanese garden, which wasn’t far from where we were eating and we took some time there to take pictures. Afterwards, we drove to the Houston Center for Photography and saw all kinds of nice photos, and then took a walk to the Menil Gallery and saw different types of art including paintings and sculptures.

Later on in the evening, to end our night, we went to an Italian restaurant and had amazing pastas along with Italian Wedding Cake and cookies for dessert. We really enjoyed our last day in Houston and would like to thank our hosts so much for hosting us.

-Candace K. ’19 + Loren S. ’19

Last Day with Recovery Houston

After a delicious breakfast of pancakes, waffles, sausage, and fruit, we headed off to our third house in southeast Houston. When we arrived we each got assigned task of putting up drywall or covering the holes with a special kind of tape that would allow any cracks in the wall to be covered by mud and floated.

After an early lunch and a quick nap in the driveway, we got back to work and managed to get a lot of drywall up. The most difficult part was measuring where to cut out squares for the electrical boxes. We eventually got the hang of it, after several attempts.

After we finished putting up the drywall, we were fortunately able to meet Ms. Gloria, the owner of the house. We were able to talk and get to know her before we headed back home after our last day of work. When we arrived back home, we got ready to head to dinner at Mia’s, a great burger joint. Everyone enjoyed burgers, chicken, fries, and rootbeer floats to celebrate our accomplishment of our hard work these last three days.

-Bailey R. ’19 + Ellie S. ’18

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Today was an exciting day two of service for us all! Learning how to put up sheetrock and about the progressing stages of home construction was certainly an experience that we all embraced whole-heartedly. We were able to jump right into work when we got to the site this morning because of the basic lessons Mr. Blaise gave us at the end of the day yesterday.

Evelyn and Felix, the owners of the house, also stopped by while we were working. Being able to put a face and a story to the work we were doing was so rewarding!

We ended the day with an amazing dinner buffet at the country club. The food was fantastic — there are no words to describe it. We all left with full stomachs and smiles on our faces!

We cannot believe that we are almost halfway through the trip, and we want to say again how thankful we are to have this opportunity to come and help people recover. It is such a rewarding experience that we wouldn’t trade for anything!

— Megan P. ’19 + Lizzie S. ’19

Cutting Tar Paper to help reduce the draft in the house
Ellie S. ’18 &Jenna T. ’19 measure and cut sheet rock
Getting some fresh air after a long day of work.
Installing the last piece of sheetrock for the day.
Measure twice, cut once.

Let’s Get to Work!

This morning we woke up bright and early to begin our first day volunteering with Recovery Houston (RH). Our first stop was the RH warehouse where we learned about our work for today. After arriving at the house, we were all eager to begin working. We were separated into groups so that we could cover different rooms of the house in an efficient manner.

The first step was to score the walls. Each girl alternated between scoring, removing, and clean-up. With an exacto knife, we began scoring the walls to prepare for the next step. This was crucial in order to remove the sheetrock effectively. The next step was to remove the scored wall. By using a crowbar, each girl began ripping away at the walls. It was a great stress reliever and we all had so much fun taking down the walls. Along came the clean-up, where we swept up and disposed of the old walls and rusty nails we had previously removed.

During the lunch break, we ate our handmade sandwiches and listened to the rain drizzle on the roof above while Pia S. ’18 and Ellie S. ’18 tried to teach us how to swing dance. We finished up the day with learning how to cut sheetrock to fit a wall — which will take us into tomorrow’s job.

We did so much more today — this is just a little glimpse!

— Carsyn B. ’19 +Amanda C. ’19

And We’re Off!

Bright and early this morning, 10 Foxcroft girls hopped onto a bussette (shoutout Mr. Dombrowski for the ride) and headed to Dulles Airport to go to Houston. After a quick breakfast bite in Dulles, we boarded our flight to Atlanta, arrived, grabbed a sandwich, and surprisingly saw a small flashmob breakout in Concourse C! Who would have thought? Next we got onto our second flight, to Houston. Both flights were good — some slight turbulence, but nothing big.

After landing in Houston, we piled into a van and made our way to the home of Ellie S. ’18’s mom, Tracy, where we were greeted with open arms by Ellie, Tracy, and their two dogs. We got settled and were able to rest for a bit at the house, then made our way to dinner at El Patio, a true tex-mex restaurant. We did not go hungry with the endless amount of chips, guacamole, queso, fajitas, and enchilladas!

To end the day, we went to H.E.B, a grocery store, to buy groceries for the week’s lunches. We came back to our home for the week and packed our lunches for the next day. Day 1 and we’re off to a great start! We love Houston and we are so thankful for the Ellie S. 18 and her family for letting us stay in their beautiful home!

Jenna + Pia

Wintermission 2018: Where Are We Going?

Hello all!

I am excited to kick off the 2018 Wintermission Where’s Foxcroft blogging. On Monday, we will be leaving Foxcroft for Houston, TX. We will be working with a nonprofit group called Recovery Houston. This group was created after Hurricane Harvey hit, and is focused on cleaning out homes that had flooded. The organization has cleared out over 200 homes. As volunteers we will be helping finish some homes by putting up sheet rock and painting. We are looking forward to getting our hands dirty and giving back.

The Foxcroft community has come together and we will be staying with Ellie S. ’18’s mom, Tracy, while we are in Texas. We are so grateful to have this space offered to us.

We will be posting at least once a day, and would love if you followed our trip!

— Ms. Ellie